Our History

Gippsland Lakes Fishing Club has around a forty seven year history. The Club’s clubhouse land was provided by the Shire with a 99 year lease. Club members raised funds throughout the  Lakes Entrance community with raffles and donations and the current clubhouse was built primarily by the members themselves. A fantastic effort of and by the community for the community. The Club continues with this community spirit by encouraging any and all locals to socialise and get out there fishing. Our major project each year is the Kids/ All Abilities Day (this year we had over 150 attend) which is aimed at introducing youngsters and those who may not generally get a chance to learn about fishing, get some free fishing gear and join a friendly, helpful club. The project is proudly supported by local businesses, the Shire and local politicians.
   We run regular friendly fishing competitions, have several “away” trips each year, social nights and have a number of locals as members who are only too willing to help anyone who needs a hand fishing our great Gippsland Lakes area. Whilst the focus in the past was more towards game fishing, the Club now has more of a focus towards the “bread and butter” species – the species that are (relatively) fun and easy for the average person to catch, can provide a feed if you want (we also welcome and encourage “catch and release”).  Any further details, please contact the Secretary Trevor Pillinger at secretary@glfishingclub.com.au or check out our Facebook page “Gippsland Lakes Fishing Club”.